Tennis Motivation: Hard Work

Here is your motivation for today: Hard work.

There's a famous quote that reads, "Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard". This intrigues me because it is so true, especially in tennis. Why not put in the hard work? Why not spend your time on the court wisely? Take high school teens for example. Most of them are not pushed to their highest potential. I knew a young child, in particular, who could've been someone great in tennis. This guy had the skills to play Division 1 college tennis, and had the potential to be a professional. His biggest obstacle was staying focused on his goal. You see, the pressures of being a high-schooler had taken its toll on him, and he derailed from his goal. He stopped practicing so much, and little by little, he stopped caring about the game as a whole. Instead of practicing and playing tennis matches, he invested his time partying and hanging out with friends. His scholarship offers were soon revoked, and he no longer had a guaranteed ride to college. When he realized this, he knew he needed to make a change, and what he did next was of no belief; he cut out all of his social interactions and focused all of his energy and time to playing tennis again. He realized the amount of hard work he needed to put into becoming a great player again, and it wasn't going to be easy. Through his journey, he learned that there is always someone out there working harder than you. Every time you take a break or sleep longer than you should, or you take an unnecessary day off, someone out there is working their tale off to better their tennis game. Every time you don't want to work on your serve, just know that someone out there is serving a whole ball basket worth of tennis balls, trying to perfect their serve, to beat people like you, who are not training. He learned that through the sweat, tears, and pain, comes victory. Long story short, he regained his momentum and went to college on a full scholarship, and now he plays futures tournaments, hoping to becoming a tennis professional.

So use his pain as your gain, and put in the hard work on the court today. Don't just go trhough the motions, actuslly focus on what it is that you're trying to improve. Remember, "Hard work beats talent, when talent doesn't work hard". Go out there and make today a great day!

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